Dealing with a handful

Starting off you need to realize that we have “Novice” buddies. I have two one shall be called comrade and the other vikki for my first lab conrade did not grace us with his presence, so strike one. I go up the next Tuesday to grab my lesson plan back from my teacher. I see conrade out in the hall I don’t even want to ask about it. I walk into the room. I smile; speeches are happening that day. So I take a seat in the back. As i watch the speeches I realized vikki isn’t in class either. ‘What is with them?’ I need to talk to them. So the second session worked out ok but again conner isn’t there. So at this point I’m starting to feel like he is wasting my time and why should i be doing anything to help him? Then I remember what it was like starting out in debate for the first time the anxiety the stress. So i text him. ‘Sooooo When are you coming to lab?’ he replies back in about 5 minutes ‘when i get my speeches written’ I am thinking now is he understanding what lab is for? That i am here to help not to hinder? ‘The lab is for you to learn refine and write your cases. Well I’ll be seeing you next week them?’ he replies to me with the way only us high schoolers know how to ‘maybe’. I leave it at that with the idea that “he can sink or swim” at this point so i walk over to vikki “how is your case going?”startled she exited out of her browser, but its too late I already saw that she was on Instagram; why is my generation like this? ok so i take a breath and vikki stammers out “It’s going good Macmillan is a good source for police brutality” I look at her and I say with the least amount of poison i can in my voice “oh instagram must be a great source for Macmillan” [I didn’t say anything about sarcasm] she turns red at this point so i head over to Dice who is helping one of the seven kids we need to help. I say “Can i talk to you?” “We need to have a deadline for the cases they are writing. I just found vikki on Instagram so this can’t stand” he agrees so on Tuesday we are checking on the 11 speeches they need to have prepped. This coming week is going to be fun. I will keep you posted with conrade and vikki and teaching these things… while learning them.

The stress of learning a new debate style

I walk into my class room expecting to start off the day teaching L.D. to the novices on the team. Oh was i wrong; I walked over to my L.D. squad, and I start to talk to some of my friends and my teacher calls me over. “_______ I need your help with stuco” she says “Ok how long do i have to learn to Teach Stuco?” She glances at the clock. “Oh 5 minutes” My mind starts recalling what stuco is, what it is about, what are the topics. Then I head over to my friend Dice [that is truly my nickname for him] “So I have to teach stuco today with you?” He looks over at me with a mouthful of noodles “mhm” “Ok what do i need to know?” He hands me a packet and tells me “You are learning just before them and teach them what you learned” Ok so for those of you who art in debate L.D. is a moral debate stuco is a simulation of congress in high school. So obviously there is no way I am used to this. I read through the packet and all i get through are motions. ‘well at least the hard part is done’ i get to class thinking how am i going to cover two hours on motions? It really wasn’t that hard after all And by the end of our first session I made them speak in motions. This is all i have time for today I will try again tow marrow and post about the next session are classes are every Tuesday.